My curriculum includes learning the letters of the alphabet (sounds and writing), colors, shapes, sight words, weather, social skills, rhyming, numbers (counting, recognition, and very basic math), art, health, poetry, music and self-esteem. I utilize sensory learning throughout the curriculum. We will do a monthly cooking class or a field trip and daily music. I also incorporate home learning opportunities. My goal is for kindergarten readiness, emotionally and mentally.

Daily Schedule

9:00-9:15, 12:30-12:45 Welcome, (welcome song, name recognition), Calendar, Weather, Pledge of Allegiance

9:15-9:30, 12:45-1:00 Letter of the week, Color, Nursery rhyme, Monthly Theme

9:30-9:50, 1:00-1:20 Arts and Crafts and Play Time

9:50-10:05, 1:20-1:35 Music

10:05-10:35, 1:35-2:05 Centers and Sensory Play (playdough, string, matching, worksheets, outside, etc.)

10:35-10:45, 2:05-2:15 Math or Science

10:45-10:55, 2:15-2:25 Story Time, Spotlight, Carpet Time (review, show and tell)

10:55-11:00, 2:25-2:30 Clean Up, Gather Things, Goodbye

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